Walking Month for CS Lamont

The champions of our hearts

Walking Month pentru CS Lamont

No obstacle is too great. No marathon is too long. No problem is unsurmountable.

For 18 years, the Lamont Sports Centre has been helping people with disabilities lead a healthy and active life through sports. Its members practice sports for their own development and health, and the most skilled are encouraged to test their strength in national competitions. Some keep walking the path of achievement in international competitions, culminating in medals won at the Paralympic Games, the Olimpic equivalent for people with disabilities.

The Lamont Sports Centre also helps active members of the Club, young people with disabilities when they graduate school, offering support for a college education or for finding a job, proving day by day that sports can be an invaluable tool for integration.

In 2018, we will step for these champions through Walking Month. If you want to help, join Walking Month and walk with us: all registration taxes will be a direct donation to the Lamont Sports Centre.

Meet the champions!

Tabita Vulturar

Sport: Table tennis
Experience: 1 1/2 years

  • IPC Spanish Open, May 2018 – Individual 3rd; Teams 1st
  • IWAS World Games, Portugal 2017 – Individual 3rd; Teams 1st
  • European Youth Paralympic Games, Genova 2017 – Individual 3rd; Teams 1st
  • Romania Open 2017 – Teams 3rd;
  • National Championship 2018 – Individual 2nd; Teams 1st
  • National Championship 2017 – Individual 3rd; Teams 2nd

Dorel Mureșan

Sport: Table tennis
Experience: 14 years

  • Romania Open, 2014 – Individual 3rd;
  • Romania Open, 2014 – Teams 3rd;
  • National Championship 2018 – Individual 4th; Teams 2nd;
  • National Championship 2017 – Individual 1st; Teams 1st.

Ioan Dîrlea

Sport: Table tennis
Experience: 7 years

  • IPC Spanish Open, May 2018 – Individual 3rd; Teams 1st;
  • IWAS World Games, Portugal 2017 - Individual 3rd; Teams 1st;
  • European Table Tennis Championships, Slovenia 2017 – Teams 5th;
  • National Championship 2018 – Individual 2nd; Teams 1st place;
  • National Championship 2017 – Individual 2nd; Teams 1st place.

Mihai Egri

Sport: Table tennis
Experience: 7 years

  • National Championship 2018 – Individual 2rd, Teams 2nd;
  • “Ana Lugojana” Cup 2017 – Individual 2nd, Teams 2nd;
  • National Championship2015 – Teams 2nd;
  • National Championship2014 – Individual 2nd, Teams 1st;
  • Hungary Open 2012 – Individual 4th;
  • International Championship, Eger, Hungary, 2014 – Individual 3rd;
  • International competition, Hungary, 2015 – Individual 3rd.

Petru Ifrosa

Sport: Table tennis
Experience: 14 years

  • IPC Spanish Open, May 2018 – Individual 3rd, Teams 1st;
  • IWAS World Games, Portugal, 2017 - Individual 2nd, Teams 1st;
  • World Teams Championship, Slovakia, 2017 – 6th place;
  • European Table Tennis Championship, Slovenia, 2017 – Teams 5th;
  • Czech Open 2017 – Teams 3rd;
  • Romanian Open 2016 and 2017 – Individual 3rd, Teams 3rd;
  • European Table Tennis Championship, Denmark, 2015 – Teams 5th;
  • IWAS World Games, Sochi, 2015 – Individual 1st, Teams 1st;
  • National Championship 2007 - 2018 – Individual 1st, Teams 1st.

Arian Notrețu

Sport: Swimming
Experience: 2 years

  • Gold and bronze medals at IWAS Youth World Games Athlone, Ireland, 2018;
  • Personal records while competing with athletes 4 years his senior at the European Youth Paralympic Games, Geneva, 2017;
  • Two golden medals and two bronze medals at Ptolemaida Open, Greece, 2017;
  • Participation in the AMNB OPEN Cup 2017 & 2018;
  • In the race to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Mihăiță Papară

Sport: Snowboard
Experience: 4 years

  • World Championships 2014 – 8th place;
  • Paralympic Games 2018 – 11th place in 2 trials;
  • World Cups from 2015 to 2018 – constant top 10 ranking;
  • First para snowboarder from Romania to qualify for Paralympic Games.

Why do we need you?

The Lamont Sports Centre has been financed for more than two decades by its founder, Sally Wood Lamont, who has used her family inheritance to help Romania and the most vulnerable Romanians.

The centre has also received an annual grant from the Cluj Napoca City Hall, and for a while was able to get funds through a “protected unit”. Recent law changes in Romania led to the closure of all such protected units and to the loss of an important, constant, stream of revenue for the NGO.

Sally Wood Lamont
CS Lamont Founder

Sally Wood Lamont

What happens to the funds?

Registration taxes to Walking Month are direct donations to the Lamont Sports Centre: you will pay them directly in the accounts of the NGO, receiving in exchange, as a gift, the contents of the participation package you have chosen. Thus, you’ll know for sure than 100% of the amount you donate reaches the intended beneficiaries!

Lamont will use the funds to equip its centre with special sporting equipment for people with disabilities, to buy the prosthetics and special equipment sportspeople need to continue their careers and to allow for their participation in large international competitions. In brief, we could say your donation will return as new medals for Romania – not to mention a much better life for these champions who honour us through their determination and skill!

How can I help?

It’s easy: register for the Walking Month competition! Registration taxes won’t go to organisers, instead being directly donated to the Lamont Sports Centre.

Walking Month is a unique opportunity to help, and win in return. All you must do during the competition is walk as much as possible – you’ll have a chance for the prizes offered to the leading teams, as well as prizes offered through raffles. Most importantly, all competitors will have a chance to rediscover the simple pleasure of taking a walk and the proved positive effects of physical activity over their own state of health and fitness.

To participate, you need to download the Walking Month App from Google Play and App Store.

Join us