Walk so they can win

Walking Month

Project by Betfair Romania Development in partnership with Banca Transilvania

Betfair Romania Development Banca Transilvania

More than 2,300 people are taking steps to help athletes with disabilities from the Lamont Sports Centre, Romania's Paralympic Champions. Thank you!

Romania’s champions need your help!

Since the year 2000, Cluj Napoca is the capital of Romania’s Paralympic movement. The Lamont Sports Club, a non-profit and non governmental organisation, encourages people with physical disabilities to overcome barriers and have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Started with only chess and table tennis, over the last 18 years the Lamont club helped hundreds have access to the training services and the prosthetic equipment they needed. The Lamont club created sports champions who have set new European, World and Olympic records!

CS Lamont
Welcome to Walking Month

The only competition where you can win prizes by simply walking! Your steps magically become good deeds, because 100% of registration taxes from all contestants are donated to a charity helping champions of the Romanian Paralympic team set new records.

More on the cause
How does it work?

Join with your friends, family or work buddies: teams of 4 people will compete for a month (September 10 th – October 7 th), trying to take as many steps as possible during regular, day to day activities.

Leave your car at home, take your loved one for a walk in the park or use stairs instead of elevators: the possibilities are countless, but every step you take will count!

Can’t find 3 friends willing to STEP UP?
No problem: we’ll automatically match you with 3 other competitors at the end of the registration period.

Download the app to register!
Registrations for Walking Month 2018 are open from August 5 th to September 5 th. How does it work?
  1. Download the Walking Month App on your Android or iPhone
  2. Create an account in the app following the app instructions
  3. Use our in-app guide to set up your account, choose how much you want to donate and if you want to compete as a Professional (for those used to running, marathon and regular sports) or Amateur (for fun, during regular daily activities). Prizes are available in both categories and are comparable in value.
  4. Invite 3 other friends to be part of your team! If you can’t find team mates on your own, we are here to help, so go ahead and register!
Download the app


offered by

FREE ADMISSION National Museum of Transylvanian History

Wherever your steps may guide you during Walking Month, make sure you visit the National Museum of Transylvanian History. You’ll discover how technology can bring history to life, and the museum offers free admission to all those who contribute to a better future, through Walking Month.

Energy from Narcoffee

Start each day with the energy you know you need: Narcoffee! A free coffee with each coffee bought at the kiosk on Eroilor blvd., Cluj-Napoca, a 20% discount for coffees prepared in other Narcoffee stores, and 50% discount on coffee beans are available during the contest. At the end, the best walkers will be invited to „Academy del Caffee” to discover the secrets of great taste from international champion Marius Nica, and the teams in 1st place will receive tote bags with goodies like T-Shirt, mugs and coffee!


For the diligent walkers, “Soare-n Maramureș” offers a welldeserved weekend of rest, good taste and amazing hospitality. A team will celebrate its victory in the “bubble tub” or the “salt barrel”. We’ll leave it to you to imagine how tasty every meal will be!


​Walking in Cluj’s Central Park, you’ll hardly notice how quickly time flies by. And time will fly just as easily while you celebrate your Walking Month results with a dinner offered by CHIOS. The restaurant offering mindful eating and a truly unique atmosphere will reward two of the winning teams!

A film festival in your pocket

The only trouble? Taking days off work for the entire 2019 Transilvania International Film Festival (2019). The festival will treat 4 of our winners with a TIFF Card, the subscription that allows one to see any 35 films in the schedule. And there’s always plenty of choice!

For the truly energetic

If you’ve put your energy reserves to good use during Walking Month and make it to the top, you’re officially Electric! The festival offering free access to those who bike there will also offer General Access passes for those who step up this autumn! Good practice for running between stages in 2019!

Meet the future

Leaders in technology meet annually at Techsylvania, the conference which since 2014 has been bringing together worldwide experts in the IT&C industry – the people who today decide how our technology, and our world, will look tomorrow. Be among our guests at Techsylvania!

Training for your health!

The Box is a community united by a common goal: changing to a healthy lifestyle. Allied with Walking Month by this very mission, The Box offers free training for teams before and during the competition, as well as prizes for our winners!

Your memories stay close, not in the cloud

CEWE prints more than 3 billion photos each year, and we hope your nice memories from Walking Month will be among them! Win photo books and many other prizes for CEWE by sharing your best Walking Month images: a photo book is a great way to keep your memories up close, not just somewhere on the internet. CEWE will offer weekly prizes and a gift voucher for all those who document their Walking Month experience!

Get that perfect finish!

Pamper your hair or create a daring new look with Z.ONE Concept professional products, as seen in hair-care salons! Z.ONE will reward the winning teams of Walking Month, so that by the end of the "marathon” we'll look our best when crossing the finish line!


Special thanks

Registration packages

While creating your account, you’ll be able to choose one of three packages, with different benefits and costs.


Walking Month is a project initiated by Betfair Romania Development in partnership with Banca Transilvania. Together, organizers support all of the programme’s costs. This is why, whatever you choose, 100% of the funds raised through registration will go directly as a donation to the Lamont Sports Club – helping our Paralympic champions overcome every obstacle in their way to the top!

Competitors in all categories can use whatever tracking device they want, regardless of package. If you already have a tracker but you want to donate more, you can still buy the TRACKER or VIP packages, gift the tracker you receive from us and keep the device you already own for use during the competition.


Already have an activity tracker? Use it and pay less to register.

79 lei


Includes registration and a Mi Fit 2nd generation tracking device you’ll keep forever.

149 lei

Most popular


Colour your every step with the VIP Package! The most generous donors will receive:

  • Sunglasses, limited Walking Month edition (perfect for selfies!)
  • Special edition Walking Month T-Shirt (to help spread the news)
  • Waterproof phone case (count your steps even when in the shower!)
+ Xiami bracelet in green, yellow or blue!

199 lei

Limited edition

2018 calendar

Starting September 10th, teams of 4 people will try to take as many steps as possible during their daily activities. We will all win a healthy and active lifestyle, while prizes will go to teams with the most steps (and we have several other surprizes, raffles and chances to win!).

Similar prizes will be offered to Amateurs and Professionals, to maximise everyone’s chances of winning, regardless of current fitness levels!

Join now

Registration period
August 6 th - September 5 th
Individual registrations and creation of teams

Walking Month competition

September 10 th - October 7 th
Only steps taken in this period are taken into account for the competition

Award ceremony
October 15 th
Winning teams are invited to get their reward and we announce the public fundraiser’s results